Shanghai Foreign Language School Affiliated to SISU Hangzhou was established by Fuyang District Government with the resources of Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) and Shanghai Foreign Language School Affiliated to SISU, and is the first affiliated school of SISU in Hangzhou.
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  1. 212 mu

    Total area

  2. 1.2 billion yuan

    Total investment over

  3. 3000

    Students that can be accommodated

  • Kindergarten

    Guide the children in the exploration of nature, participation in the society and deep appreciation of life
  • The Elementary School

  • The Junior School

    Talent awakening and scientific cultivation
  • National Senior School

    “SISU Elite Class 2022”
  • International Senior School

    Localization of integrated courses and integration of local courses

Featured Courses

  • Minority Languages

    Adhering to the foreign language teaching characteristics of SISU and Shanghai Foreign Language School Affiliated to SISU, the school offers courses in minority languages such as German, French, Japanese, Russian and Spanish. Students can choose on their own at least one minority language course as their second foreign language.
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  • Sports

    In regard to sports curriculum, the school will carry out National PE Curriculum, International PE Curriculum, and CCA (Co-Curricular Activities). The school will open a number of special sports courses, for example, soft hockey, riding, golf, swimming, kayaking, and archery. The public courses of the school adopt bilingual teaching, with the coordination of Chinese and foreign teachers, and all Chinese teachers are capable of bilingual instruction.
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  • Art

    Hangzhou School Affiliated to SISI boasts an art center which can accommodate 800 people, and professional art classrooms such as black box theater, piano room, ballet room, art classroom, etc. Our emphasis is on the cooperation and exchanges among art teachers. Each Chinese teacher works with a foreign teacher to develop a teaching plan; and integrated interdisciplinary cultivation among art subjects ensures the all-round art education of the students that covers the essence of the Western curriculum and embodies the inheritance of the Chinese national curriculum standards. The school offers art courses such as visual art, drama, violin, music composition and creation, and regularly holds SISU special activities such as “National Soul”, “International Cultural Festival”, etc.
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  • Science & Technology Innovation

    With Mr. Chen Yao, a special-grade teacher of Zhejiang Province and a national model teacher, as the director, the S. Lab Center is a key youth academy of engineering & family lab project built by Hangzhou School Affiliated to SISU, in order to stimulate the unique potential of the students in the science field. The school will open a number of innovative and fun courses in the STEAM science & technology innovation category, such as robot programming, Fuchun Boat Project, 3D printing, etc.
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