• Food and Health

    The catering team from the world’s top 500 provides professional catering services for the school. For students in kindergarten and early elementary grades, a rich variety of nutritious packages formulated by professional dietitians are available; meanwhile, customized meal packages are prepared based on the children’s allergic history before school starts. Besides the nutritious meals, elementary students in senior grades and junior and high school students can also choose freely from a variety of specialty restaurants. The school will provide students of all sections with additional services such as training on basic Western table manners, various festival & cultural meals, cooking culture learning, cuisine courses, etc.

  • Boarding Life

    Hangzhou School Affiliated to SISU is a boarding school, and students can apply for accommodation since the first grade. The boarding students have access to the dual care and guidance from the life tutors and study tutors during their stay at school, and a special boarding curriculum has been arranged. The boarding system means not only more time for the students to study, but also an exercise of the students’ ability to live independently. With regard to school security, Vanke Group, the leader in the property management industry, is responsible for the effective service planning and implementation, with the most professional services, for the learning and living environment of all teachers and students, so as to construct a safe school compound, create hygienic and comfortable accommodation standards and a safe and friendly learning & living environment for us.

  • Teaching Facilities

    The school boasts nearly 100 standard classrooms, all of which are equipped with intelligent teaching equipment to become a new generation of intelligent classrooms. Besides, outdoor putting green for golf and canoe club are also available; there is also a professional theater which can accommodate 800 people, a black box theater, a competition standard heated swimming pool, basketball gym, STEAM hall, library, all-round professional classrooms of a rich variety including art classroom, and more than 50 various laboratories. Besides the regular labs for physics, chemistry and biology, there are also professional AI labs and fabrication classrooms. More than 1,000 kinds of teaching aids and equipment are ready for the needs of students in various experimental courses and extension courses.

  • Admission